Quite. Why is it that most people on the spectrum seem to struggle with verbal IQ and communication, delays in speaking, etc etc but then there is the 'subsection' for lack of a better term, of people on the spectrum (aspergers) who tend to have high verbal IQs, use sophisticated language early, etc and that apparently . (visual auditory learning 100, retrieval fluency 109) Please Advise! His kindergarten teacher previously specialized in gifted and talented in an international primary school. Comparing the two discrepant profiles revealed that the children also differed by type of learning difficulty, gender, and performance in the WISC-IV Symbol search task. Its been five months now. Children with a specific learning disorder (SLD) are often characterized by marked intellectual strengths and weaknesses. His notes are good for the moment, although not as good as they could be. A further intensive speech therapy course was recommended, which he completed. The Verbal sections test abilities such as verbal comprehension, the ability to conceptual verball. Bookshelf The most intractable subtype is characterized by both deficits; children with both or double deficits represent the most severely impaired subtype in all aspects of reading, particularly in reading fluency; this is what we call the Double-Deficit Hypothesis. 2. How do we guide this discussion so that strategies for program supports are developed for our son and that we do not come off as too knowledgeable for the school team for they seem to be nervous of parents who are aware!! He was checked by an eye doctor who does vision therapy. Have you looked into strategies for NonVerbal Learning Disabilities? He remembers an incredible amount from books that are read to him. They start sounding out words by letters. The child's cognitive abilities (verbal comprehension, working memory, visual processing speed, and fluid reasoning) are assessed and compared against performance level norms created from the standardized test sample. Setting up a system of communication (such as a notebook for weekly progress report, regular emails or phone calls) between parent and teacher/school representative in order to keep each other informed about the students progress or difficulties. low verbal iq high nonverbal iq. My Verbal IQ score is around 150, while my performance IQ is only 95. He does have a diagnosis of anxiety and ADHD inattentive type. High-IQ adults with ADHD appear to function well, but this comes at a high emotional cost. You dont say anything about attention issues, but working memory and processing speed can be impacted by attention. full scale IQ: 105, achievement: As non-verbal reasoning is highly associated with processing speed (Fry and Hale, 1996), a series of ANCOVAs were conducted to establish whether group differences between the low WM sample and the other groups . We also had him assessed by a therapist who noticed problems with balance and we started exercises. Sensory integration work with an Occupational Therapist will be helpful for building his motor skills. Thanks so MUCH for any advice so I can figure out how to better teach and assess any student with this problem. He does not find the content at school challenging at all. He spent a whole year just on Multiplication. (story recall 115, picture vocabulary 113, oral comprehension 113) PSI 121 Verbal intelligence quotient (IQ) measures an individual's ability to use language to analyze and solve problems. Use of a calculator for math. What is verbal test of intelligence? Finding a tutor or educational specialist who can work with your son to get his ideas out, organize them, prune them down and then write an assignment will help him learn how to manage the great ideas he has in a timely manner and hopefully help with any frustration he may have. A place for the social and political discussion of neurological and psychological differences. o Use of the computer The scores of his tests were scattered as follows: WISC IV In the printout of scores it even includes a chart indicating significant differences that can be used to help highlight strengths and weaknesses. His regular reading I read aloud to him. How much discrepancy is needed varies from state to state. Have you written anything I might be able to find in PsychINFO or even a government education website? processing speed: 88 I have found that many students on the spectrum need extra time process information. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of . I am thus wondering whether or not he needs to do anymore tests. Abstract. His comprehension soars when I do that. We will be done with this math program before February at his current pace, and its supposed to last the whole year. He studies and works on homework from the second he comes home from school until after midnight each evening. VCI45 percentile By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Best thing is a small classroom size if possible for you. He cannot figure out what is important. High verbal iq, low performance iq - strategies? I do recommend Cogmed to help build working memory skills. My performance IQ has never been low, but I got radically different results depending on the test, about 50 points of variation between a shortened WISC-III and an extended WAIS-III. I would also recommend using Dragon Dicate for writing assignments at home. Educational specialists,or tutors can help with reading, organizing language and writing skills. First described by Rudel (1985), these are the children who would be missed by the vast majority of our diagnostic batteries, because their decoding is accurate. GAI 119 90pc. Unbelievable to learn there are others who have difficulties very similarif not identicalto my 12 yo son who has been diagnosed with so many different entities since he was 3 yo. Advance notice of assignments The Ed Psych tests and report took over a month to complete and there were many exaggerations. Modification of test format and delivery (oral exams, use of a calculator, chunking or breaking down tests into smaller sections to complete, providing breaks between sections, quiet place to complete tests, multiple choice or fill in the blank test format instead of essay) I would recommend that she be evaluated by a professional who can look at her overall learning style and offer guidance for interventions. Abstract categorical reasoning 75 percentile, Visual motor integration 42 percentile Please help. For WISC? His spelling is now quite intuitive. General Ability Index 105- 63% Build cognitive flexibility with games such as spot it, Blink!, Rush Hour, Improve Reading Fluency, Rapid Naming and Written Expression Giving him ideas doesnt help. I would try to get him fluent in typing and get a computer accommodation for tests and notes. 150 isn't high, it's genius level. Hell always do better the second time, which will make him feel successful. He scored a low verbal IQ of 88 and a high nonverbal of 121. He avoids all written work, even math. It sounds like you are doing great work with him. When time constraints are removed and I am promised I wont be interrupted, I rise from the 3rd percentile in math to the 99th percentile (I am in a STEM field and have a degree in mathematics), and 2nd percentile to the 98th percentile on the Nelson-Denny Reading comprehension test. There are definite attention issues. PRI 131 Use logic puzzles to teach sequential thinking skills, cause and effect, and how to identify and provide missing information. I do worry though at how slow it can be for him to grasp new academic concepts in school. I have a high verbal iq and low performance iq. Plus my school is extremely supportive and helpful. Assessment Findings We were asked to get an Ed Psych assessment. I knew his processing speed was going to be really low. Short-term memory I have a similar profile to the one listed in the article. He did not appear obsessed, and the books and videos were sought out mostly by myself after noting his interest. The first is verbal, and the second is performance. Overall he scored lower then I expected. The Ed Psych diagnosed him with very high functioning autism (aspergers) and dysgraphia. I still notice her having difficulty retaining information and comprehending what was said. He has the hiccups. I am sorry your bright child is suffering. -KWL Charts Symbol Search 12-75% Verbal 65, performance 50 apost54 1 yr. ago Very late to this, but my verbal IQ was 145. Example sentences dont help. Providing personal space in the resource room or other designated area for regrouping and relaxation. Occupational therapy to work on building the fine motor skills for writing. Press J to jump to the feed. Im not sure if any of these services have or will work. HHS Vulnerability Disclosure, Help There is a correlation between WM weakness and executive functioning and/or attention issues. Here are the recommendations I wrote for a student with a similar profile: Teach how to properly prepare; preparations made in advance will allow him more time once he begins the task. Thanks for all your interesting replies. Anyhow, here are his recent assessment results: The good grades come at a considerable cost to him though. This happens all the time as children learn to read. Answer (1 of 5): A standard IQ test has two major sections, each with subsections. We have since had to see developmental pedeatricians to get out of this mess (who say he is not autistic but has specific right-sided fine motor issues, and strongly suspected dyslexia). OP here. I ran a search for something like this and got only the following link. So it is possible for a child to have a high score on a traditional IQ test and a low nonverbal test score, and vice versa. Are they out there? Become proficient at keyboarding Processing Speed Subtest Scores: Lots of reasons possible, all with possible specific consequences for how you solve problems. -Build your daughters visual-perceptual strategies and perceptual organization to support her problem solving skills: Hes tired. We took him to a clinic where he had to sit in a white room with no windows and do a full battery of tests (the full 14 WISC IV as well as additional tests) carried out on three separate occasions, as well as fill in countless forms on his behavior. Talking the child through stressful situations or (non-punitively) removing her from the stressful situation; In an interview with Big Think, Goleman shared a study to explain why that might be. We examined 44 children with at least average verbal IQ (VIQ > or = 95) and lower performance IQ (PIQ at least 25 points lower than VIQ), i.e. I hope someone can offer me some insight regarding a high school student of mine- she is respectful, attentive, bright, seems to TOTALLY understand the concepts we learn in class, will correctly answer questions in discussion, offer great observations and connections. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Pulling a sentence out of Tim is more like raising a herd of unicorns, impossible. listening comp 98 Perceptual reasoning requires good working memory so building both PR and WM would be helpful. He thinks he is stupid, gets frustrated very easily, and cannot write a sentence to save his life. which his teacher said was not a problem. We went ahead with the assessment but also hired a learning therapist who suggested he had trouble crossing the midline and with tracking, and had low muscle tone. Dragon Speak software. A high IQ can make it easier to compensate for ADHD symptoms. Any insights that you have into my son and how best to support his development would be appreciated. My son was about 130 verbal and 80 working memory/processing. Exercises to sharpen his ability to attend to visual detail and to express similarities and differences between images. Articles? In the meantime his reading skills had soared and he now in fact has above average reading abilities. Slow Processing Speedis it due to weak motor skills, weak auditory processing skills or weak executive function skills? You can read more in my article on metacognition, executive functioning and you can take our Executive functioning quiz. For children with neuropsychological issues such as learning disorders, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, and other similar issues, difficulties with working memory and processing speed may result in lower FSIQ scores (Wechsler, 2003), making the GAI a better indicator of potential. Reading assistance service (i.e., reading group), Courses: I used to get infinitely frustrated as a child because I would start on a task and people would not give me the time I needed to finish. Coding 37 percentile, Special and nonverbal reasoning o Ask for alternatives to notetaking during lectures: getting notes in advance, getting an outline, getting an auto recording. The pediatrician said he had right side hemiparesis (with muscle weakness in hand, not dysgraphia), and has asked for further tests to carried out, including an MRI, and ordered occupational therapy. I would see if you can find him an afternoon lego robotics course to build his talent in math and building. Twenty-three (35%) children had normal language development, 13 (20%) had below average language development, and 29 (45%) had developmental language disorder. It is less predictive of success in life. I would certainly try to get extra time for a student with a 75 on processing speed. Home. This forum is dedicated to the work associated with Dr. Jordan Peterson: a public intellectual, clinical psychologist, and professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Toronto. The male-to-female ratio was 2.25 : 1, and the mean age was 5.8 years; performance IQ was 94.8, verbal IQ was 83, and full-scale IQ was 87.4. Verbal intelligence is the ability to analyze information and solve problems using language-based reasoning. Professors beyond the classroom, make use of office hours, if only to introduce yourself. He is highly visual. I just found your site and think it might be a game changer for my 13 yo son who struggles most with the easiest homework assignments on a daily basis. Most iq tests score an individual on a scale of 100. 2016 May-Jun;49(3):320-35. doi: 10.1177/0022219414555416. I am worried for my son. Thankfully he is very happy in school and has a lovely group of friends. If you are hoping for 504, you would need to have some academic testing done to show that his achievement is not matching his potential. Picture Span 14 91% Break down tasks and follow the order checking work along the way. PLoS One. It would be interesting to see if there is a significant discrepancy between his basic skills and his academic fluency. Poor verbal comprehension often refers to a low verbal IQ. I actually want us to be prepared with questions to guide the discussion in a positive way but not to appear to be the experts in the room. I have gotten a very good handle on what Tims skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Thanks for your help. Other tests for intelligence measure fewer aspects of intelligence but may also be useful. This is a very bright young man who is verbal and spatial thinker. He said he was either keeping it secret or that someone always spoke up before him.. Now my learning problems were explained by lazyness, unwillingness, or maliciousness. He can hyper focus on topics of interest. Thanks! assessment is considered to provide a valid estimate of the current functioning. Flexible Thinking Skills . He did four months of vision therapy for some tracking and convergence issues. Thank you for any advice you might be able to give and for your helpful website. However, he never spoke in phrases. Also, his pre-AP math teacher said she would not recommend any type of SpEd services as this would give him an easy way out or Make him lazy when he is fully capable.