The graphs all show that its exponential growth., Says Dunstan, who managed Fleetwood Mac through two of their most productive decades: In the modern music industry you just have to be on YouTube, and when you look at HSCCs growth, Australia only represents about five percent of those views whereas the US is around 30 percent, so were planning a massive American tour later in the year to venues of up to 2000, and well fill them. Ride Like the Wind. You'll lose your subscription if we don't have a working payment method for your account, so please check your payment details. Out front on lead vocals are the, the 1981 hit for Stevie Nicks co-written by Tom Petty, a recording that had, Petty singing on the chorus and bridge and his Heartbreakers band playing, on the track. 02:59. So much now is just synthesized and it lacks something just like CGI in the movies. They are really nice, down-to-earth people, and some of them seem not to realise just how good they are. That's another thumbs up for Sarah's vocal performance on the band's cover of "I Keep Forgettin'." Established in 2017 by Con Delo and Darren Mullan, HSCC is a collection of South Australia's finest On a slightly different topic, the members of HSCC (other than Con) are not working full-time with HSCC. This comment has been removed by the author. The talkbox solo on RMW on that particular album was really crazy, and definitely worth hearing. The net worth of The Hindley Street Country Club's channel through 1 Mar 2023. Those elements have been included in this video as fair use for purposes of comment, news reporting, teaching, and education.LINKS:Australian Music Band Channel: ME NOTS (PATRICE RUSHEN) cover by HSCC 'BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE' (TASTE OF HONEY) cover by HSCC In just a few short years, local band the Hindley Street Country Club has gone from an idea to becoming online sensations, with its videos racking up more than one million hits. I am especially happy that you singled out Kat Jade doing her cover of Bill Withers' signature song "Ain't No Sunshine." I wanna knowWhat you're thinkingThere are some things you can't hideI wanna knowWhat you're feelingTell me what's on your mind. Founded in 2017 by Arranger/Producer Constantine Delo, The Hindley Street Country Club (The HSCC) started as a group of Adelaide musicians, recording re-arranged covers and uploading them to Facebook and YouTube weekly. There are a lot of covers bands around the world, but most of them perform the songs verbatim, exactly as the original. James Muller has also recorded five studio albums under his own name, the most recent Neurotica was released in February 2015. The popularity of old songs has happened simultaneously with the collapse of what used to be known as record sales, now a diminishing market of digital downloads, vinyls and fast-disappearing CDs. I was hoping you'd run some of his East Coast tunes by your dad to see if he remembers them. March 12, 2020 16 Songs, 1 hour, 9 minutes 2020 Hindley Street Country Club. A new curator has been named for the 2022 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art exhibition, as attendance figures for this years event were released. Set to become one of Adelaides premier live music hubs, the 1800-capacity venue will also include a separate street level nightclub and restaurant. Widely regarded by their fans as the "greatest cover band in the world", the group has achieved a staggering quarter of a billion views on their official YouTube channel, which now has almost 600,000 subscribers. HSCC . ALL I WANNA DO ( SHERYL CROW ) performed by The Hindley Street Country Club featuring Lesley Williams. I n just a few short years, local band the Hindley Street Country Club has gone from an idea to becoming online sensations, with its videos racking up more than one million hits. Youve got a line-up that includes five lead singers, three of them gorgeous and talented girls. I always say it starts with a great song, and "Alone" is a great power ballad that's been covered by many artists. Maybe they feel they cannot top Leonid & Friends, that Russian Chicago tribute band that I introduced on the blog a while back. Stefan's own site says "You may have also previously seen Stefan play with The Hindley Street Country Club (HSCC)", which to me indicates that his work with HSCC is historical only. Hindley Street Country Club Hscc 4. Unless otherwise indicated the author does not own or claim to own any of the images, videos or recordings posted on this site. In 2010, he took on and conquered the role of Judas in the stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar performing to sold out crowds nightly. Hindley Street Country Club were established in 2017 by Constantine Delo and Darren Mullan, HSCC is a collection of South Australias finest musical and vocal talent who have been collaborating and producing quality interpretations of classic songs, performed and RECORDED LIVE. 20K Followers. Hindley Street Country Club Hscc 4. . Get notified whenever Hindley Street Country Club announces a live stream or a concert in your area. Hi, Alex!Thanks for joining the Country Club, good buddy! 9.3K views, 230 likes, 54 loves, 41 comments, 15 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Hindley Street Country Club: The super talented Sarah Lloyde Music and the HSCC concert. Other evidence of the trend away from contemporary music is the collapse of viewer numbers for the Grammy Awards, once the music industrys biggest self-celebration. . The current list of most downloaded tracks on iTunes is filled with the names of bands from the previous century, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Police.. Hi, Suzanne!I'm delighted to see you, dear friend! Sure Know Something Hindley Street Country Club. HSCC primarily covers hits in the classic rock, pop, dance-pop and disco-funk genres. He also did a podcast with Graham Cornes (who is an outstanding interviewer by the way). I thought this week's effort was especially good. And the 50-something bass player also happens to be the leader of the worlds biggest covers band. Now the business model has been flipped, with bands relying on social media to make their names and live performances to create revenue. Thanks again for dropping in, good buddy Alex, and have a terrific week! COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED. I'm here! Listen to Hscc 4, an album by Hindley Street Country Club on TIDAL. But Im loving it, he adds. Scrobble, find and rediscover music with a account, Do you know any background info about this artist? He has played and recorded with Australian artists Vince Jones,James Morrison,Dale Barlow, Mike Nock, Renee Geyer, Bernie McGann, Don Burrows, Mark Isaacs,Sean Wayland, Katie Noonan, Rai Thistlethwayte, Steve Hunterand Scott Tinkler as well as international artistsChad Wackerman, Bill Stewart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Adam Nussbaum, Jay Anderson, Steve Tavaglione, Maria Schneider, Tim Ries, Tony Moncao, Christian McBride, John Scofield, Donny McCaslin, Bob Sheppard, Matt Pendman and Jochen Rueckert. Hindley Street Country Club is a band from Adelaide, South Australia. Listen to Hscc 3 by Hindley Street Country Club on Apple Music. I am a big fan of HSCC, and have been to three of the band . In 2012 she entered into The Voice Australia, and made it to the top 24 where she was controversially knocked out in the Battle Rounds. They actually give you a great canvas to work on.. James Muller - guitar. Gina Wang's singing is excellent, as are the contributions from the other students: Higher Love Hindley Street Country Club. I can kind of hear his rendition of the song, but Sarah kind of boots him off the scene with her version!You had to throw two of my favorites in here, didn't you! DINO JAG. Listen to Hscc 1 by Hindley Street Country Club on Apple Music. Good tunes. Weve spent a lot of time on the design of the venue ensuring the relationship between the performer and the audience is the best it can be, and to create an incredibly intimate space where fans feel super close and connected to the artist. I love it when the HSCC works with a local school. Might be good song for all 3 of the HSCC "Bad Girls" to tackle: Here I Go Again. Take good care of yourself up there and please come back and see me again soon! Hi, Arleen!How are you, dear Keystone friend and neighbor? Hindley Street Country Club. Kat Jade has become a favorite of mine in recent months and she has her own YouTube channel if you like her style. By far the best thing to come out of Hindley Street!!! Play. Hscc 1. Follow. Inside the remarkable rise of a cover band - yes cover band - after one of . Hindley Street Country Club is based in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia.Where does the name come from? Enjoy Hindley Street Country Club's latest songs and explore the Hindley Street Country Club's new music albums. Listen to Hindley Street Country Club's new songs including and many more. Basically dismissed Darren as using HSCC merely to promote his studio. I am not inclined to take sides. He can also be seen performing with the James Muller Quartet and as a guest with The New Cabal, Hindley Street Country Club and several others. He has also since returned to live and perform in Adelaide, South Australia. Dave Ross - keyboards. I remember dancing to "Forget Me Nots" in clubs during my second stint as a bachelor. The best songs of Hindley Street Country Club are When I See You Smile, If I Aint Got You and Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now. Thanks for tagging that you also enjoyed HSCC's cover of The Emotions' signature song "Best Of My Love." Adelaide Music Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. 2,620 Followers. You put it nicely when you stated that The Hindley Street CC gets around and gets it. I already presented one of Kat's solos from her channel in a previous post. When I just checked, these Adelaide musos are up to 19.9M views on YT. Pina Del Re, Nikki Heuskes and Lesley Williams. I swear, for a second there during that latter song, I thought that Kit Jade (love that name) was going to morph into Janis Joplin right in front of my eyes. Jordan Lennon has a good voice. Brother of Jimmy Barnes, lead singer of Fraternity after Bon Scott left, sometime member of early Cold Chisel - John Swan was a stalwart of the Adelaide music scene for years. Some nice harmonising from Dusty Stephensen starting from 3:39. I listened to the ManOpause podcast and it was appalling. You are also not alone in favoring Lesley's cover of "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" accompanied at the mic stand by Dusty doing the Tom Petty parts. If they were smart, they would let things simmer to a live 'riff off', that would be legendary. Their story has recently been covered on a business podcast in a 55 mins episode where they talk to Con Delo & Darren Mullan: 04:50. Every Friday (Adelaide time) new videos are released that have already amassed more than 1/4 BILLION views. Paul Piticco, Co-Founder and Co-CEO Secret Sounds said:South Australia is the State of Art and I have long-admired the value that SA puts on culture and social infrastructure. Lamenting the fact that old songs now represent 70 percent of the US music market in an article in The Atlantic magazine in January, music writer Ted Gioia wrote: Even worse, the new music market is actually shrinking., In a perceptive article called Is Old Music Killing New Music? (answer: absolutely) Gioia cites damning evidence from MRC Data, the leading US music analytics firm: The 200 most popular new tracks released in the US now regularly count for less than 5 percent of total streams. Here he's with HSCC again, doing a rocking cover of "Rocky Mountain Way". Darren Mullan sung it, and I really liked his performance (as well as Stephan Hauk's guiter playing), and I've replayed this clip many times. 9. I'm sorry you missed last week's post featuring one of Philly's Phinest - Hy Lit. John Collins, Venue Directorsaid:Im stoked to be bringing my experience and passion to a city Ive always truly loved. Country Club, the fine cover band from the land down under. 68. r/Adelaide. He featured on Chad Wackerman's albums Scream (2000) and Legs Eleven (2004). 03. Celebrity Speakers Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Australia. 04:44. Were getting 13 million new views a month, the majority of them international. They're a top class group., Live Nation has a global venue portfolio of over 300 live entertainment venues, including the Palais Theatre in Melbourne and Spark Arena in Auckland, which have unrivalled access to local and international artists. The 3 have great voices and harmonize so well. Set to open in August 2022,Hindley Street Music Hallwill be a ground-breaking entertainment precinct for the city of Adelaide, acting as a hub for domestic and international touring artists. We forget how great the original is. Take care, and have a great week! Here again is Sarah Lloyde on lead vocals doing her best, Ann Wilson as she fronts the band singing "Alone," the, chart-topping single from Heart's 1987 album, Kat, a talented songstress from Adelaide, South Australia, appeared, HSCC pays tribute to the late, great Bill Withers doing. Adelaide radio listeners were duped by a Canadian conwomans false story about breast cancer, and raised $12,000 to help. 2023 Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. They are amazing and perform these songs well. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Baby Animals Music. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Thanks for link. You're right. Now that lawyers are being used it is like the analogy of nuclear only use nukes when the other side use them but both sides will get screwed when they are used.same thing with lawyers. Since he left, HSCC has gone down hill. But we want to have fun too, we dont take ourselves too seriously., The Hindley Street Country Club will perform at The J Friday 6 May and Saturday 7 May, Tickets available at The Juniors Kingsford, Sydney. I hope you feature this group again in the future.Have a happy Monday, dear friend! This year they have been postponed and no one cares. 04:50. Program note: Please join me if you can this coming Sunday, April 18, because it is another very important date on the Shady Dell calendar, a chance to honor and remember a genuine Dell V.I.P. (true)I don't remember "Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushen, but the group did a great job and made the song their own. hindley street country club singers. They create live music recordings of cover songs which are transcribed verbatim by Constantine and produced by Darren. Now I'm going to listen to these covers all day. Usually I have trouble with covers, especially in the case of a song like Stop Dragging My Heart Around which features two of my all time fave performers and while I still prefer my Stevie and Tom, this version was not bad. The venue will be located at 149 Hindley Street, in the heart of Adelaides energetic nightlife and live entertainment scene. If you want to download Hindley Street Country Club songs MP3, use the Boomplay App to download Con, Jake and Dave all told me the other night that for now, that tour has been cancelled. Production specifications and room design will enhance the audio and visual experience for both artists and patrons. Hscc 4. I love the work of both of them, as well as the fine musicians and vocalists that they have, and I like to keep across both of their pursuits. Here she is singing "It's Raining Men". While I can't say I prefer any of these to the originals, they may be the next best things. How much money does . Where once it was elite musicianship and production, now its just a rag tag cover band. The intended vocalist couldn't make it the morning of the recording, so Mullan gave it a go. I see cover bands constantly and for a bunch of rag taggers they're doing an awesome job and giving me what like to hear. Internet-busting Australian music group Hindley Street Country Club (LT), have proven themselves a musical force to be reckoned with. He became interested in music at an early age and began playing the guitar at the age of 12.